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Support a granny initiative

This is a local fundraising project that involves  manufacturing of collection boxes. The branded collection boxes are distributed country wide at selected collection sites such as supermarkets. The following are current collection points: all Bonmache supermarkets in Harare and Mabaelreign girls’ high school...more>>>>

PRP Funded Program |
Reducing vulnerability of older persons, mobile and vulnerable populations and their families. 

Social protection: Social protection entitlements provided to  the chronically poor and vulnerable Older Persons (OPs) and their families... more>>>>

Secure the future (168 STF) TAP Zimbabwe

Secure the future is a public-private initiative created in 1999 by Bristol-Myers Squibb and the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation to develop Foundation to develop sustainable and replicable models of care and support for women, children and communities affected by HIV/AIDS and TB in sub-Saharan Africa... more>>>>

Sponsor A Grand parent (SAG)

In 2006 the project changed its name from Adopt A Granny to Sponsor A Granny. The idea behind the Adopt A Granny was to support individual older persons at old age homes. Not all older persons would benefit from the program. The Sponsor A Granny was introduced to address this situation... more>>>> 

HelpAge Zimbabwe remains the leading national organisation that promote, supports and sustains the quality of lives of the older persons.

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Current Projects