Completed Projects

Donor: ECHO Funded |
Drought recovery assistance to food insecure households in Nkayi District, Zimbabwe

The intervention was aimed at reducing the vulnerability of small scale farmers, particularly older people, to the chronic food and socio-economic crises in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe experienced repeated and severe drought since 2000 seriously endangering people’s livelihoods, compounded by socio-economic decline through the HIV/AIDS pandemic, foreign currency problems, high unemployment, hyper-inflation, basic shortages of food and productive inputs, and an unstable political situation that resulted in the acute disruption of coping strategies increasing the food insecurity of vulnerable rural households in Zimbabwe... more>>>>

World Food Program |
Vulnerable Group Feeding program

Vulnerable are described as those with chronically ill persons, older persons headed, child headed, single parents, disabled and destitute... more>>>>

Comic Relief |
Assistance to chronically ill older persons and orphan

The overall objective of the project is to reduce the economic, social, emotional and physical impact of HIV/AIDS on older persons, people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHAs) and orphans in Zimbabwe... more>>>>

International Organisation for Migration (IOM) |
Transitional shelter, Livelihood provision and promotion for Mobile and Vulnerable populations

The project strengthened the capacity of communities and households to both meet their immediate livelihoods requirements by creating opportunities for gainful employment through community contracting initiatives. It will also do so by building on the existing abilities and self-help initiatives of MVPs, through social empowerment and training in the production, utilization and marketing of low coat building materials in order to meet their shelter needs... more>>>>

HelpAge International |
Matopo and Kambuzi Herbal and Nutritional gardens

The project aimed at assisting the vulnerable households and groups and improving their nutrition status through input provision for gardening activities at Matopo and Kambuzi communities. The project also aims at strengthening the capacities of local communities to respond to the challenges posed by HIV/AIDS. This will enable the communities to take care of the terminally ill by providing them with garden produce as well as herbs that have been found to be beneficial to PLWHA. Surplus produce from these gardens was sold to meet the needs of orphans and vulnerable children in these communities... more>>>>

Provision of potable safe water, sanitation and hygiene promotion to affected vulnerable (high risk of Cholera) populations in MVP and rural areas of Zvishavane Districts in Zimbabwe.

Access to safe water supply and basic sanitation in Zimbabwe has eroded significantly over the last years.  Water and sanitation are key elements to enable good hygiene practices, an indication that hygiene has been severely compromised. The water and sanitation infrastructure is dilapidated or inadequate and lack maintenance by the local authorities due to the socio-economic meltdown... more>>>>

Addressing the needs of OVC under the care of Older Women and Men

Social protection: 2506 orphans and vulnerable children under the care of older persons receive monthly grocery vouchers, 500 OVC under the care of older persons receive nutrition supplements... more>>>>

World Food Program Funded (WFP) |
Institutional feeding program

The current food insecurity in Zimbabwe has left most welfare institutions in serious difficulties of sourcing for adequate food for the residents.  This situation has made the already vulnerable groups face the obvious threat of starvation. HelpAge Zimbabwe (HAZ), identified institutions for older persons, orphanages and disability centres who are vulnerable and food insecure... more>>>>

HelpAge Zimbabwe remains the leading national organisation that promote, supports and sustains the quality of lives of the older persons.

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Completed Projects