Areas of Work : Overview

In every country there are people facing problems such as loneliness or isolation, lack of basic necessities, water, food, clothing and access to health care. Any of these are frightening and distressing situations for older persons. Older people in most African societies are a vulnerable group as a result of hardship, malnutrition, poverty and problems that come with age such as high susceptibility to chronic illnesses. The HIV and AIDS pandemic is now posing an additional burden on them, further increasing their vulnerability. In their old age when they may need support and expect to be taken care of they have to take on the role of caring for others, in most cases without even the basic necessary resources.

HelpAge Zimbabwe targets the poorest and most vulnerable households in both rural and urban areas. Although its operations are still fragmented, HelpAge wishes to reach out to all older persons throughout the country. Currently the organisation is only operating in the following areas, Zvishavane rural and urban, Harare urban (Mufakose), Manicaland, Bulawayo and Chiredzi. In all its programming activities, HelpAge focuses primarily on older persons aged 60 years and above as well as orphans and vulnerable children under their care.


In order to effectively contribute to the needs of older persons, HelpAge Zimbabwe introduced older persons committees in Zvishavane and Bulawayo.

HelpAge Zimbabwe remains the leading national organisation that promote, supports and sustains the quality of lives of the older persons.

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Areas of Work : Overview